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4 weeks β†’ 6 weeks

You can likely take off the compression vest (per your surgeon's recommendations)! Take a nice deep breath!



You may have increased swelling as you increase the intensity of your exercise routine. Pay attention to this and use compression garments as needed during and/or after work outs. Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help as well.

  • Once full range of motion is restored and doesn’t feel strenuous, add light theraband exercises or minimal-moderate. weight lifting for the upper body (scapular squeezes, trunk rotation, shoulder abduction/flexion/external rotation, biceps curls, etc.).
  • Start with 1lb. If 5-12 reps x 1-2 sets doesn't cause soreness, you can either increase weight, reps or sets, SLOWLY.
  • If lighter weights start to feel easy and are NOT causing pain/soreness/swelling, you can upgrade to heavier weight lifting around weeks 5-6.
  • You can do light upper body weight bearing: wall walks, wall push ups transitioning SLOWLY towards the floor, quadruped exercises (forward/side-to-side leans, forward/sideways reaching, kick backs, bird dog) as tolerated SO LONG AS NO NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS result.
  • Lower body/trunk work outs as tolerated.
Please remember that every body is unique. This is a GENERAL guideline. It is best to seek guidance from a rehab professional (OT/PT who specializes in top surgery rehab) and listen to your own body. If any recommendations are painful or cause negative symptoms, STOP! Discuss these guidelines with your surgeon as surgical protocols may vary.