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Environmental considerations

  • Pillows or rolled towels (one under each arm, at least 1 but likely 2 for behind head to lift torso)
  • Drinking straw (it will be hard to lift even a water bottle) and bedside vessel for spitting throughout the night (after intubation your throat may be raw and you may be producing more mucus than usual)
  • Step stool to get in and out of bed or for kitchen (i.e. for making coffee)
  • Chapstick on your nightstand
  • Clear pathway to bathroom, consider night light
  • Bring items such as dishes, cups, toothbrush/paste, toiletries, etc. to counter; move food from fridge/freezer to reachable heights (think T-rex arms!)
  • Loosen or open tight containers that you use daily
  • Change to bar soap if you have pump soap
  • Consider a hand held Bidet
Please remember that every body is unique. This is a GENERAL guideline. It is best to seek guidance from a rehab professional (OT/PT who specializes in top surgery rehab) and listen to your own body. If any recommendations are painful or cause negative symptoms, STOP! Discuss these guidelines with your surgeon as surgical protocols may vary.