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Exercises to consider

  • Getting up and down from the floor or your bed WITHOUT using your arms
  • Cardio/Endurance training such as walking, running, swimming, sports
  • Deep breathing
  • Shoulder stretches (shoulder flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, external and internal rotation)
    • NOTE: if you are not comfortable with chest opening stretches due to the exposing nature of them, try doing a corner stretch or doing these stretches laying on your stomach in a prone position
  • Chest strengthening exercises (ask your surgeon about this, some say it will help sugical outcomes depending on your personal goals for the reconstruction phase of surgery)
Please remember that every body is unique. This is a GENERAL guideline. It is best to seek guidance from a rehab professional (OT/PT who specializes in top surgery rehab) and listen to your own body. If any recommendations are painful or cause negative symptoms, STOP! Discuss these guidelines with your surgeon as surgical protocols may vary.